6 Coaches.  3 Days.  10 Bottles of Wine.

Six men’s coaches share their embarrassing mistakes, surprising lessons, and unexpected breakthroughs in this behind-the-scenes conversation about personal challenges, women, and relationships.

What Is Imaginary Men?

The Story Behind This Unusual Product…

Imaginary Men is a creation that almost never came to exist.

It began with a spontaneous idea that struck me (Steve Pavlina) while I was attending a life coaching seminar in Los Angeles. At that event, seminar leader Rich Litvin issued a challenge to all of the coaches in the room.

The Challenge: During the lunch break, go out and create some money. Get creative. Stretch yourself. Try to create money in a way you’ve never done before.

The idea of creating more money didn’t excite me though. So I altered the challenge a little…

The Revised Challenge: During the lunch break, go out and create some value. Get creative. Stretch yourself. Try to create value in a way you’ve never done before.

Soon an idea struck me...

During the week after the seminar, I already had plans to meet up with five other friends — all coaches of various sorts. We all travel a lot and hadn’t seen each other for months, and we just happened to be in Southern California at the same time. We were planning to hang out for a few days, catch up, and do some masterminding together.

I wonder… Would they be interested in a crazy idea?

Only one way to find out…

"Hey guys! Looking forward to meeting up on Sunday. I have an idea to suggest. Would you be interested in getting together next week and creating some kind of program?

I think we could surely make something that would provide value for lots of people and stretch and challenge ourselves to create something inspired and flowing.

This is an open-ended trip for me, so I could stay in California for a few more days if I want. I just need to be back in Vegas within about a week."

- Steve

How did the other coaches react?

A few days later, all six of us were together in an apartment in Santa Barbara. We spent the first night sipping wine, catching up, and talking about what we would create over the next few days.

What type of product should we create? Some kind of a video? Audio? A combination of both?

We settled on an audio program since we felt it would be the most accessible format. That way people could listen to it on their phones, in their cars, or anywhere else that’s convenient. No need to be glued to a screen watching hours of video.

Okay, audio it is. What should we talk about? What’s our intention for this program?

We took turns sharing what each of us felt inspired to create.

Here are some of the intentions we shared…

  • Let’s explore the edges of our comfort zones — the aspects of relationships and personal growth that still challenge us.
  • Let’s create something that’s a growth experience for us as coaches to create it. Let’s push ourselves to do something new and original.
  • Let’s not script anything in advance. No outline. No rehearsal. Just start recording and go with the flow of inspiration.
  • Let’s share some of our biggest and most shameful mistakes and failures. Let’s share stories that we’ve never shared publicly before.
  • Let’s focus mainly on relationships, social skills, and personal growth since those are passions we all share.
  • Let’s not worry about giving polished advice. No speaking like we’re on a stage. Let’s have totally raw sharing and open discussion.
  • Let’s talk about the things that men normally don’t talk about.
  • Let’s have fun! Joke around. Push each other’s buttons. We should enjoy the process of making this.
  • Let’s NOT settle on being “safe". Let’s break the rules! Let’s make something that stands out.
  • Let’s do something edgy. We can even drink wine during our recording sessions. Loosen our tongues.

As we shared our intentions, we became increasingly excited. Instead of contradicting each other and having to debate different options, it turned out that we were all on the same page. There was no argument or debate… just beautiful — and FUN — cooperation.

We also agreed up front that if we sold this program to the public, we’d split the money evenly among the team members. That seemed very fair to everyone.

The next day we got together in the same room and started recording.

3 days and 10 bottles of wine later…

As it turned out, the idea worked beautifully. The result was even better than we’d hoped.

Over 3 days we recorded 9 hours of deeply honest, often vulnerable, and sometimes outrageous material — including some stories we’ve never shared publicly before.

We talked about our shameful mistakes and setbacks… our insights and revelations… and our current desires and explorations.

We shared misty-eyed stories, powerful a-ha moments, and silly laugh attacks — all spontaneous, none of it pre-scripted.

When we listened to it afterwards, we were impressed. We’d never heard anything like it. The result of this experiment was something very special and unique.

Why is it called Imaginary Men?

Our original working title was Coaches Coming Together. Then we realized that title has a silly double-meaning, so we didn’t want to use it for the final audio program… even though it might get a chuckle from some. :)

We spent hours brainstorming possible titles. Finally we settled on Imaginary Men. That title seemed like a strong fit for several reasons.

First, Imaginary Men refers to the imaginary role models that are socially programmed into modern men, telling us how we’re supposed to behave. There’s the fairytale prince. The action hero. The playboy. The sensitive husband and father.

From birth until death, men are pitched false and oversimplified images of modern manhood. These recordings do the opposite. We share a different perspective on what it’s like to be a conscious, growth-oriented man today.

What we share is real, raw, and honest. It’s not sanitized for television. We don’t try to brand ourselves as polished and perfect. We talk a lot about our failure experiences, most embarrassing moments, and what we’ve learned from them. There’s real value in that kind of honesty.

Secondly, Imaginary Men refers to how men use their imaginations against themselves. When a man thinks about approaching a woman, he often imagines the worst. In his mind’s eye, he sees himself making a fool of himself and getting harshly rejected. Then he can’t get himself to approach her at all.

Other times that same man comes up with a new business idea. And again his imagination turns against him. He worries about failing. He freezes up and doesn’t take action. A man’s imagination can be his own worst enemy.

In Imaginary Men we share in detail how each of us learned to handle society’s judgments towards our mistakes and failures.

  • How are we supposed to learn and grow if we don’t risk failure and rejection?
  • How do we get ourselves to take action in spite of fear, worry, and self-doubt?
  • How do we deal with brutal setbacks?

Our solutions may surprise you.

Lastly, Imaginary Men refers to our ability to reinvent ourselves through the power of imagination. This project started with an inspired idea. Now it exists as something real — a unique audio program for you to experience and enjoy. Just as we imagined this project into existence, you can imagine your lifestyle desires into reality.

Why would you want to listen to Imaginary Men?

Why would you want to experience a program like this?

Because Imaginary Men is something new and different.

This isn’t a neat, step by step, scripted program with a bow on top. This is not traditional self-help.

Imaginary Men is raw and passionate and inspired and swirling with potent energies — our desires, our love of women, our fears, our shameful mistakes.

It’s honest. It’s vulnerable. It’s deeply personal...

And at times it’s downright dirty.

Imaginary Men is also an easy listen. This is a natural conversation among friends, not some artificially scripted content. It’s rich with very human stories and real-life lessons. You can lie back and relax while you listen, and you’re sure to smile when you hear some of our crazy adventures.

Sounds like a pretty cool program, doesn’t it?

Here’s the team that recorded this unique project…

Steve Pavlina

By the time he was 19 years old, Steve had been arrested 4 times, including once for felony grand theft. He was also expelled from school. While sitting in a jail cell, he finally decided to turn his life around. Today he runs one of the most popular personal development blogs in the world, attracting more than 2.5 million readers per month. Steve is also the author or co-author of more than 50 books, including Personal Development for Smart People, which has been translated into many different languages.

Knut Johannessen

Knut’s #1 skill used to be his prowess at playing the online computer game Counter-Strike. He knew this was getting him nowhere in life, so he finally snapped and decided to go out into the real world and upgrade his social skills. In a period of 9 months, he approached and talked to 9000 women in streets, bars, clubs and coffee shops — rapidly increasing his understanding of relating. Today Knut travels the globe creating better and more authentic conversations between men and women from every corner of the world.

Morten Hake

Raised in a home with lots of dispute and uncertainty, Morten took powerful steps to rebuild his self-esteem and to replace hostility with abundance. Dropping out of college to create his dream lifestyle on his own terms, Morten co-created one of the world’s leading conferences on dating and personal growth, the Morten Hake Summit - inspiring men and women to connect without games and manipulation. Today he is known in northern Europe as a popular life coach for young adults struggling with worry and over-thinking.

Shogo Garcia

As a way of learning how to face his fears, Shogo streaked his college graduation at Madison Square Garden completely naked — just for the experience. After working as a bartender and then a corporate lawyer, Shogo transitioned into the more heart-aligned role of dating coach. These days Shogo travels around the world, helping men improve their relationships and their communication skills. As a speaker he delights audiences by sharing how to use age-old wisdom to make sense of modern-day challenges.

Luke Eilers

Luke was once very socially anxious around women and decided to overcome that limitation. Now he’s known for some of the most popular, socially courageous prank videos on YouTube, including some with more than a million views each. These include videos of Luke boldly proposing marriage to random women, playfully holding hands with strangers, and even getting women’s phone numbers without saying a word. Today Luke has a fast-growing YouTube channel where he shares enthusiastic insights on a variety of relationship, philosophical, and personal growth topics.

Fred Andreas Ligaard

Years ago Fred was officially diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, and he has the paperwork to prove it. One day he took a huge leap by deliberately making a complete fool of himself in public in order to face his greatest fear head-on. Today Fred hosts a popular YouTube channel demonstrating his amazing social courage. One of his most outrageous videos — with more than 3 million views — shows him starting conversations with random people on the street while he’s completely naked.

Ken Knapstad

Ken is our team’s amazing audio technician — a seasoned pro who has previously worked with Lady Gaga. Ken skillfully managed our recording sessions and made sure that no matter how much wine we drank, we still spoke clearly into the mics. He also shared some final comments at the end of the program. We think you’ll enjoy hearing his perspective on what it was like to participate in such a unique recording session.

We strive to live as conscious, independent, growth-oriented men in a world that doesn’t make this an easy commitment. We take risks. We make mistakes. We dust ourselves off and keep going. And as a result, we experience real growth and change over time. We don’t just play it safe and try to fit in.

What topics are discussed?

Imaginary Men covers a LOT of ground.

Here’s a rough overview of what we shared in this program:

Day 1:

  • Knut's story of approaching 9000 women
  • Overcoming the fear of rejection and judgment
  • Breaking the rules of traditional relationships
  • Why different men can do the exact same things with women and get different results
  • How to get someone’s phone number without saying a word
  • How to avoid getting stuck in your head and start getting in the flow
  • Shifting paralyzing fear into an empowering excitement
  • Listening to your gut instincts and feelings
  • Pushing yourself to expand your comfort zone
  • Knut’s “perfect date” story
  • Why a relationship can fizzle after experiencing an amazing connection
  • Why Shogo deliberately smashed his phone on the street
  • How your overall relationship with life controls your relationships with people
  • The 4-dimensional relationship model: body, mind, heart, and spirit
  • Why you can get the "cold shoulder" even after experiencing an amazing connection

Day 2:

  • Fred’s life-changing story of overcoming his shyness and social anxiety disorder
  • Our in-depth discussion on “approach anxiety”
  • Expanding your social circle (and attracting social support)
  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking
  • How to develop natural and lasting confidence
  • Shogo’s story about streaking Madison Square Garden
  • Morten and Knut’s fear-busting social confidence missions
  • How to be honest and express your emotions in the moment
  • The magic of sharing your heart authentically with another person
  • Shogo’s story of masturbating on his mother’s bed
  • Luke’s broken penis story
  • Steve’s outrageous shoplifting adventures
  • Morten’s personal and intimate family struggles
  • How to deal with family
  • Overcoming sexual shame and releasing repressed sexual energy
  • Exploring your sexual fantasies and finding your partner's turn-ons
  • How Fred surrendered his virginity to a begging Brazilian prostitute

Day 3:

  • Beyond great sex: creating deep emotional trust in sexual practice
  • The One: your ideal partner?
  • What is unconditional love?
  • The pitfalls of trying to predict and control the future
  • Enjoying your relationships without fear, shame, or guilt
  • Steve's cuddleslut confessions
  • Teasing up the energy, playfulness, and passion in a relationship
  • Overcoming the insecurities of being a late bloomer
  • The big mistake of assuming that all women want the same things
  • Sharpening decision-making with a "Hell YES" or a "Hell NO"
  • Creating positive ripples and the benefits of kindness
  • Attracting the RIGHT partners by broadcasting your desires
  • Play partners, open relationships, and multiple long-term connections
  • Knut’s crazy open relationship story
  • Letting go and learning the lessons of past pain
  • Conquering the “I’m not good enough” belief
  • How to step into the present moment and enjoy the now
  • Finding a partner who wants what you want

As I mentioned previously, Imaginary Men covers a LOT of ground.

This product is not just one guy talking the whole time. It’s a constantly evolving six-person discussion with many twists and turns along the way.

Why aren’t there any women in the program?

There’s value in a balanced perspective. There’s also value in the extremes. What’s great about Imaginary Men is the unique dynamic of men’s coaches who are able to share a truly honest, raw, and uninhibited male perspective.

As we recorded Imaginary Men, we ate takeout food and drank wine and coffee. We shared the same living space and stayed up late making these recordings, usually till about 4:00 AM. We poked fun at each other. We behaved as guys normally do when there are no women around. The kitchen sometimes resembled the one from Fight Club.

Some of what we shared in these recordings is so personal and sensitive that it was our first time discussing it with anyone.  We know that many women will enjoy the rare opportunity to be a “fly on the wall” during these candid conversations.

Our female listeners will likely learn things about men they never knew before — especially how conscious men think about women and relationships.  Many women will be surprised by what they hear.  This will make women’s relationship lives easier because they’ll gain a more accurate and realistic understanding of men.

5 Major Bonuses Included for Free:

In addition to 9 hours of powerful content in the main product, we’re also including some valuable bonuses when you buy Imaginary Men.

Our intention was to create something of value for the personal development community. We’ve certainly done that. Now we’re going to sweeten the pot even more by including extra value to make your buying decision an easy one.

Bonus #1

Steve Pavlina's speech on 4-dimensional relationships from The Morten Hake Summit

You'll get Steve Pavlina's complete speech from the international conference on dating, relationships, and personal growth - The Morten Hake Summit. This is usually only available in the $297 Summit package - but you'll get it for free here.

In Steve's speech you'll discover:

  • How to attract deeply fulfilling body-mind-heart-spirit relationships
  • The power of owning and broadcasting your desires
  • How to receive more authentic invitations
  • Practical ways to improve your social network

Creating deeper, more fulfilling connections in life

Connecting with people through body, mind, heart, and spirit

The power of living fully vs. just being alive

Creating magical moments with people you love

Bonus #2

Shogo Garcia shares how to enrich your life by opening up to the beauty of every moment

Shogo shares life-changing new paradigms inspired by Eastern philosophy to help you grow out of worrisome and fearful thinking, step into the present moment, and enjoy the true fruits of what life has to offer.

Shogo's speech gives you the keys to:

  • How to identify the core of your ambitions, desires, and goals in life
  • A fundamental perspective that eliminates all fear of rejection and failure in dating
  • How to become incredibly interesting to other people
  • The power of experiencing life fully - and sharing your magic with other people

Bonus #3

Knut Johannessen's speech on falling madly in love, traveling the world, and getting what you really want

In Knut Johannessen's speech from The Morten Hake Summit, you'll be given insights on love, intimacy, and the big difference between the 'game of attraction', and being fully loved for who you are. This is usually only available in the $297 Summit package - but you'll get it for free here.

In Knut's speech you'll discover:

  • The ultimate truth about "being yourself" (and how you don't really have a choice)
  • The 3 magic words "I Love You" and how to deal with them
  • How to step out of the dating game and become truly loved by a beautiful partner
  • What you must do to make sure you end up with the right partner

How to get exactly what you truly want in your relationship

How to be fully loved for who you really are

What if women found you naturally attractive just by being you?

How to evolve from dark memories of the past

Bonus #4

Morten Hake's speech on the difference between BEING an attractive man vs. TRYING to attract women through strategies and games

You'll get Morten Hake's entire speech on how to become an attractive person from within, and never have to worry about meeting or attracting people ever again. This session from The Morten Hake Summit is usually only available in the $297 Summit package - but you'll get it for free here.

In Morten's speech you'll discover:

  • Morten’s personal story, major realizations and pitfalls from his time in the seduction and self-development communities
  • The number one most attractive quality in a man, and how to use it to make yourself infinitely more attractive
  • The path to embracing your true power as a man, letting go of all games and tactics, and become a man worthy of love

Bonus #5

The Social Anxiety Virtual Coaching Program

Shogo, Luke and Fred guide you step-by-step through a powerful coaching program to help you blast through your social anxiety and boost your social confidence. Through two and a half hours of interactive video instruction (including hidden camera demonstrations), this bonus program will instill you with a powerful new awareness to help you let go of your struggles with social anxiety for good.

Program Overview:

  • Module 1: Luke, Fred, and Shogo present the greatest insights they’ve learned out of their personal struggles and victories facing social anxiety
  • Module 2: Follow Luke while he’s in public doing the "Hello Exercise”
  • Module 3: Fred shows how to immediately break the ice with new people
  • Module 4: Shogo demonstrates how to get personal and bring conversations to a deeper level

How to free yourself from social anxiety to feel open and relaxed with people you meet

Demonstrating social confidence exercises and tools for connecting

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What’s the price?

Given the tremendous amount of unique content here, we could easily sell Imaginary Men for $300… maybe more.

Since our goal is to provide lots of value to people, we’ve decided to make this very affordable and accessible. So we’ve set the price much lower to make it easy for you to buy — only $47 — and this includes all of the bonuses.

Keep in mind that the money from each sale is split among a team of seven guys. So I’m sure you’ll agree that the price is more than fair… even generous.

If you’re interested in personal growth, social skills, and relationships, Imaginary Men is an easy buy. Once you have a chance to listen to it, you’ll surely appreciate this unique addition to your personal development library.

The audio files are in MP3 format, which is playable by a wide variety of devices. You can listen to them on your computer, tablet, cell phone, iPod, or any other device capable of playing MP3 audio.

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